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Pain Science; Clinical applications for manual therapists

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Tutor: Eric Purves

6 March 2021


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In the last 20 years our understanding of pain science has moved on leaps and bounds, how can we ensure that we maximise this knowledge and put it into practice to best serve our clients in pain? 

Eric Purves, MSc, RMT, has dedicated his career to translating research and evidence into his clinical practice as a registered massage therapist and as an educator. 

Based in Vancouver Island, Canada, Eric Purves has been an RMT since 2006. In addition to clinical practice, Eric is part of the education faculty at Pain British Columbia where he created and teaches courses on chronic pain management.

He frequently instructs courses across North America for health care providers on clinical applications of pain science, the role of manual therapy in healthcare, therapeutic movement/exercise and rehabilitation principles.

This online CPD opportunity will delve into what pain is, pain frameworks and models of reasoning & care. We’ll discuss how to apply pain science evidence and research clinically. How and why to validate, listen, use touch positively, use movement modifiers, reassure and educate all with the aim of empowering clients to feel comfortable and confident enough to engage in meaningful activities. 

The session will conclude with a series of case studies as a practical demonstration of how to put all this information into practice in real-life situations. 

A fantastic opportunity to learn from a leading light of the profession and a passionate proponent of using evidence-based massage therapy in the management of pain.


Course Details

Course date:  6th March 2021 - 18:30 - 21:30 

Course Venue: Online

Course Cost: £25.00

Course taught by: Eric Purves 

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