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BTEC Student Testimonials

Below are stories from past students of the Level 5 BTEC Diploma at The Massage Training School, explaining their experience and reasons to study.

Ed BTEC Student

Ed Waldron, a Community Matron was keen to explore traditional therapies as a route to treating injury. This enthusiasm led him to the BTEC Level 5 Diploma with The Massage Training School (Bristol & Exmouth), alongside his Masters degree to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Ed completed his course in June 2014.

What led you to tale the Level 5 Diploma in Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy?

Already qualified with a Degree in Pharmacology and Physiology, Ed’s aim was to regain some hands-on skills which he felt was lacking in his current job role.  His future aim (at present) is to combine his therapy business on a part time basis to his full time career, although he adds his enthusiasm for his massage therapy work may take over.

What led you to choose The Massage Training School as your training provider?

“I chose The Massage Training School based on their incredible testimonials which acknowledged Anna-Maria's (Director) unequalled passion for massage and the human body. I can honestly not fault any part of the course. The teaching has been exemplary and the course content whilst being fulsome has been truly stimulating mentally. I was also fortunate to be part of a group who bonded so well and we learned so much from each other”.

What advice would you give to others considering taking this journey as you have?

“I have never completed such an enjoyable course with such inspirational teachers. I would say - bite the bullet and do it!! I have never regretted it for a moment, despite trying to juggle full time work, my Masters and the Diploma!!”. 

Would you share your highlights of this experience?

“Anna-Maria and Tammy (lead trainers) have completely changed the way I view the human body and how it works. Their passion and unbelievable knowledge diffused into our group and we have become, not only competent and enthusiastic therapists, but have gained their joy in working with the body. For me that is the most important aspect of the course”. 

- Ed Waldron RGN, BSc Pharm, ISRM


Endurance athlete Kirstie Morrison graduated with The Massage Training School in October 2013. She shares with us her journey since completing her training.

A huge part of Kristie’s’ life is taken up with fitness and sports. Already a multisport endurance athlete who has represented GB at the World Duathlon Championships and now aiming for a 70.3 IM World Championships slot for 2015.

She trained as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2006 but with a keen sporting repertoire, as she pushes herself through the paces in triathlon, so follows her quest for knowledge, leading her to train to level 5 in massage therapy.

What led you to your interest in sports & remedial therapy?

“Having worked mostly worked in publishing support after my degree, I felt frustrated and knew that my passion lay elsewhere, there simply wasn’t enough running about for me!. My true sporting interests didn’t begin until my early twenties with an interest in hockey and playing in Australia. Whilst in Australia I took up running for extra fitness and then joined Bath AC on my return. On joining Bath Amphibians, I was soon hooked”.  

Why did you choose the BTEC level 5?

“I wanted to upgrade my current skill set with massage therapy, from my level 3 training. I wanted to enhance my assessment skills and soft tissue techniques and the level 5 Diploma seemed the best way to deliver this. The BTEC itself was very comprehensive and I was pleased to learn other manual therapy skills like STR (soft tissue release), MET’s (muscle energy techniques) & Positional Release that ensure greater efficacy of treatment and reduce the stress on the therapist. It has enabled me to better tailor my treatments to clients and also to how ‘physical’ I am feeling on the day”.

How do you rate The Massage Training School?

Anna Maria (Director) and Tammy were excellent, very passionate & knowledgeable about their field. They encouraged critical thinking and self-appraisal, tools I believe is essential to continued development.  I’d give the school 10 out of 10 in terms of its teaching - materials and course days are well-structured with excellent guest speakers/tutors. They are broad and offer an up-to-date approach to the field of manual therapy”.

What were the best and worse bits of the course?

“Learning that I had passed my practical with really high marks! I found the assessment most nerve-wracking and just wish I had just spoken up a bit more and been willing to make a few more mistakes early on”.

What are you doing now?

I am running a few small clinics from a variety of locations; one in a gym, another in a yoga studio and another in a podiatry clinic. I’m also taking regular CPD courses to enhance my practice to be able to offer a more comprehensive service.

What advise would you give someone taking the course?

“Try to take advantage of the practical sessions as much as possible and don’t be afraid of asking questions. The tutors have infinite experience, try and test on them at every opportunity”.

You can connect with Kirstie @KirstieStt if you’d like to know more. Since her completion, Kirstie has taken further courses in Dry Needling, Rocktape and Fascial Dynamics (with dissection) and continues to find her journey in understanding the human body in its adaption to external stimuli, fascinating.