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Advance your learning of human anatomy through dissection

Now available in Bristol, The School have extended their CPD workshops to offer a Dissection Day to allow exploration of the soft tissues. Ideal for Soft Tissue and Manual Therapists, the study day has been designed to help advance understanding of the human anatomy through guided examination of osteological and cadaveric specimens.

The ISRM’s South West’s Training School have teamed up with Anatomist Liz Gaze and Movement Specialist Suzanne Scott from the Department of Clinical Anatomy at Bristol University, where the workshops are being held.

Anna Maria Mazzieri, Director of The Massage Training School was keen to expand her portfolio of courses in movement and soft tissue therapy.  This is a rare opportunity to experience human anatomy in the deepest sense and can really change the way a manual therapist conducts his/her treatments. Dissection courses are becoming more popular in this field and it really does consolidate anatomical study into context of the human form.

She continues, “The nearest Dissection courses were in London which for us it’s a rather long and journey. While speaking to one of my dear friends who professionally knows Suzanne Scott and her work with the Vesalius Centre, I thought I would contact them to see if a collaboration would be suitable. It was refreshing to see Liz’s evidence based approach to the teaching of clinical anatomy, and her sheer experience with lab teaching. This is further enhanced by Suzanne’s movement influence into teaching anatomy, which for me was the absolute key. I wanted our students to appreciate the anatomy of the human form within a context of function and movement”.

Liz Gaze, a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy has over 15 years’ experience of teaching both human and comparative Anatomy.  Her specialism is in the musculoskeletal system where she has designed and taught courses at the Vesalius Clinical Training Centre. Suzanne Scott widely trains Pilates Practitioners and works in performance sport.

The study day focuses on sectional anatomy of the trunk and lower limbs. It also address case histories of an athlete’s ACL injury and both the anatomical and myofascial continuities involved in restoring dynamic knee function.

Mr Dan Thein, a remedial massage therapist of 7 years attended the pilot course held in February this year.

“I am not entirely sure what I expected. It was a bit of a shock to the system though, in a positive way. It affirmed a lot of what I have seen in books and allowed me a chance to mess about with muscles. The opportunity to look at the knee and other specific areas that are better understood experientially, were extremely valuable. For my role it consolidates my knowledge of anatomy and also gives me more confidence that I know what things look like and how they behave. I found the tutors to be both extremely knowledgeable and approachable, whilst their manner’s relaxed and informative.

He continues, “I would certainly recommend the course to fellow practitioners”.